Meal Prepping for Beginners

Tips for getting started with Meal Prep

I have helped many people get their food on track with some easy meal prep tips…

I’ve even inspired someone “who doesn’t use the kitchen much” (her words) to prep a few meals and snacks on a Sunday.

Start small

You don’t have to prep 30 freezer meals in one day to feel the benefits of meal prep.
Start with one meal that pains you- breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks!

Schedule it.

For the first month, you have to work your meal prep into your routine, so it is smart to schedule off a block of time dedicated to your meal prep. Set a reminder on your phone. At first you might feel like it’s a chore, but once you get going, and you see how AWESOME it is to not have to worry about your meals during the week, you’ll look forward to it!

Find a core set of recipes you can depend on.

Over time, you can find a set of recipes you love and that you know work. You may even have them memorised!
This makes the meal prep routine SO EASY!
Good luck x
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