My top 3 tips on how to help curb emotional eating

Many people cope with difficult situations by reaching for  food, comfort food. Chowing down on ice cream, chips or chocolate can make everything seem like it’s going to be okay…. But we all know its not :(

Eating comfort food when things get tough—also known as emotional eating or stress eating—is not a solution to life’s crappy days or life’s challenges. It only works temporarily. Worse, it causes longer-term distress if it brings about weight gain.

My top 3 tips

1. Question: question yourself when you are eating out of meal times, are you are hungry or are you are eating for some other reason.

2. Replace: replace the habit of eating when feeling stressed or emotional with something else..e.g call a friend, make a cup of tea, go for a walk.

3. Don’t give up: if you fail, keep trying. Every opportunity to change this habit is an opportunity to better health, emotionally, mentally and physically..don’t give up.

…..and yes men suffer from this too.

If you’re unsuccessful trying to stop emotional eating on your own, consider getting professional help. They can help you discover and expose negative and unproductive ways of thinking—such as grabbing that chocolate bar—and teach you to replace these thinking patterns with more helpful ones.
Just remember you are human, don’t be hard on yourself. Self improvement is something that has to be worked on daily.
I believe in you, now you must believe in you ;)
M xx