Childhood Obesity

fast foodAs I sit here on the eve of my first children’s School Holiday Bootcamp, I am now realising why we have an obesity problem in children…’s the parents/carers that are making our children overweight. The carers of these children are the ones making the decisions on what children eat and how much they exercise.

I know this may¬† fuel some fury, however its not the children that do the groceries and fill up the trolley with high fat/sugar foods, the children are not the ones packing their lunches or cooking their dinners, its the carers……

In order for a child to lose or maintain a healthy weight, he/she’s family needs to be on board with a healthy lifestyle. There is no point in giving your child a plate of vegies and grilled chicken if you are eating a take away pizza.

Parents are the children’s first teachers, so not only is it their responsibilty to teach a child right from wrong, it is also their responsibilty to make sure their child knows what a good healthy lifestyle and diet is.

Give your children¬†a good start and teach them how to lookafter the most valuable thing they have – their HEALTH…