3 ways you can have a Active Healthy Weekend…

Fambam 3 Ways you can have an ACTIVE HEALTHY Weekend

1. Some common weekend activities for

families include eating out or going to the movies. These are sedentary activities that can create a weekend diet that is filled with overeating and snacking on unhealthy treats. Get creative and think of activities that will keep your family members moving like a bike ride, a bush walk or go swimming!

2. If you have a sweet tooth and know you will be tempted to eat processed sugary foods during the busy week, why not set aside a couple of hours to make your own healthy treats. Things like homemade muesli and oats bars, nutty protein and fruit balls, there is so much available on the net, get searching!

3. Living a healthy and balanced life also includes doing something relaxing, why not book a massage, get out the old foot spa and give feet a treat, do a 10 min stretch session at home or have a nap in the sun. What ever tickles your fancy.


The weekends are the perfect opportunity to fit in a little extra fitness, prepare healthy options for the week ahead as well as treating yourself to some time out. Use your time wisely and enjoy a happy, fun, healthy active weekend.

You are welcome to join us on a Saturday morning at 7am for Boxing or Bootcamp to kick start your Active Healthy Weekend