I first met Maree on 7th November 2011 and from the moment she opened her office door, I knew that that was where I was meant to be. Unlike any of the ten or so gyms I have been associated with in the past, I did not see one picture of a size nothing in lycra. There were no pictures of rippling abs adorning the walls and no mini dictators with stop watches screaming at fatties on treadmills. What there was in abundance, however, was friendship, support, understanding and empathy. Right from the start, I felt welcomed and safe not judged and excluded. Maree took the time to listen to my story, to really understand me as a whole not just the number on the scale or the pay checkxv. She was unlike any trainer I had ever met. She really got me, having been there herself and knowing the challenges that would meet me along this journey, she was refreshing, telling it to me straight with no BS attached and no unrealistic expectations…I guess you could say she was REAL.

Fast forward to July 2013 – yes my journey has been slow and is far from over but the changes I have been able to make because of Maree’s involvement far outweigh the fact that I am a long weigh (puns intended) from my end goal. With the help of Maree and HealthMe, I have incorporated fitness into my life on a regular basis and actually look forward to training (ok not every day, let’s not get carried away but at least 9 times out of 10). Never in a million years did I think there would come a time where I would be excited to work out – usually I was the one kicking and screaming and protesting the whole time. But with HealthMe it isn’t a chore. Don’t get me wrong it’s hard work but isn’t anything that’s worth it?

With Maree’s help I am also better able to plan what I am eating and recognise now that if I am to succeed at my fitness goals, then I need to be fuelling my body correctly. HealthMe really is the all over holistic approach to living a long and healthy life. It is not about being able to bench press the weight of a car or losing 99.9% of your body weight so you can fit into certain clothes.

Maree I know I have said this before but you truly have a medicinal quality about you. Time spent with you (even the times when I am doubled over not being able to breathe at training) enrich my soul. I thank you for the courage you give me to embark on changing. For the time and effort you put into helping me be the best version of me possible. For showing me that I am a priority and that I am someone who is worthy of greatness. For helping me say NO! for all this and more I thank you but above all else I thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t.

 Megan Thompson


I am a banking professional, wife and mother of 2 children, when I started out with Maree 8 months ago I was at a real low in my life.  Due to a very stressful career working 14hr days and being a wife and a mum I had over time excluded exercising and healthy eating from my life.  I was unhappy with my health, weight and life in general.  I made some critical decision in my life; a) reviewed my career and decided to leave the organisation I was working for, within 4 months I was working for a new organisation that valued work/lift balance, b) with the help of Maree I reviewed and put a plan in place for healthy eating that was practical; Maree taught me the 80/20 also applied to having a healthy realistic eating plan, and c) I joined Health Me sessions 3 times a week, this motivated me to the point that I had a exercise plan in place that allowed me to have “me time” whilst getting back into enjoying physical exercise.  As a person who has always been very actively in life it was important to enjoy exercising again, not only for the physical benefits but more importantly for the emotional balance that we all need.

More importantly through Maree’s mentoring and interest in my well being I have managed to lose 4 kilos (my target is 6 kilos), I have made great friends and more importantly I feel great within myself.

Cathy Farrugia


I am so grateful to Maree at Health Me. Like so many other women out there, living a busy lifestyle, working, and becoming a mother meant that looking after my health and wellbeing was not the priority in my life.

I knew I had to contact Maree after reading the Health Me Website and liking the Health Me Facebook page.

From the moment I touched base with Maree, I learnt that even though I had always ensured that I did the right thing for my child, unless I started looking after myself too and establishing a healthy lifestyle for myself, I was not going to be around to enjoy motherhood in the long run.

Maree has helped me identify my weaknesses and the triggers as to why I hadn’t been living a healthy lifestyle.  She has also helped me create solutions, provided me with tools to help myself and most of all given me the support and motivation to help me move forward on this sometimes difficult journey.  Maree has provided helpful information regularily on Facebook relating to nutrition and exercise, and at her training sessions, not only does she make you work to the best of your ability, there is a fun aspect to the sessions too.

I have a lot of admiration and respect for Maree because as a mother who has been on a similar journey, she can identify with the hurdles I have come across and she is not afraid to admit that she too in her past, has had the experience of standing at the pantry door wondering what un-nutritional food she can consume in mass.

Thank you Maree and Health Me for being understanding and motivational. Thank you for being sympathetic and inspirational. Thank you for the tools and resources you give me on a daily basis. Most of all, thank you for making me realise that even though I am only human, I do have a choice….from the guidance you have already given me, I know my choice is the health and wellbeing of my family and myself.

Shell Thompson


I would like to thank you for taking the time to help me lose weight. After you left yesterday and I sat down I realised how much I have lost in the short time in cm’s, and I feel great. You have been a great support. My eating plan was out the window and I now understand that I have to eat for the amount of exercise I do.What with my eating plan and change in my training I am loving the new challenge I am facing. Thanks again.

Kathryn Thorn


Dedicated trainer who motivates, and spends time helping you learn how to change your way of thinking. She helps you      to achieve your dream fitness level and to feel confident you will be able to maintain it and make it you new way of life.  Great group of people that attend. Highly recommended Health me.

 Serena DeBellis


Health Me has been helping me for over a year now. Since joining I have lost weight, I have gained confidence, I have gained knowledge, I have gained wonderful friends and I haven’t suffered from any of my panic attacks which were governing my life. My weekly Health Me sessions are my therapy for both my body and my mental health. It’s now part of who I am and thanks to Maree I am a much happier person. I recommend it to anyone.

 Jacinta Fernandez


I’ve been training with Maree for a long time, Always love every training session. The training sessions are different every time so i never get bored and actually i am always motivated to push myself more. The people i train with are all friendly and make you feel welcome, it really is a great atmosphere. Maree is a great trainer to have !! I Always feel great and see results after each training session !

Helen Laliotitis Mihas


Great trainer, great sessions, great variety, great results. Maree creates a training environment where everyone is welcome and you know she is genuinely interested in helping achieve your goals whatever they may be.

Paulette Unwin


The right level and combination of blood, sweat and tears mixed with motivation, fun and dedication by both participants and most importantly the trainer!

Nancy Frilay