Eat, Walk, Sleep, Repeat…start with what you already know.

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of Health and Fitness Tips out there?

Don’t know which applies to you or where to start?

Well let me see if I can help you out…because not so long ago I was in the same boat!

You know what I did….I just started with what I already knew….


I knew sugar and processed food was killing me and my kids, mentally physically and emotionally, so I cleaned out my fridge, freezer and pantry (I mean I literally chucked everything  in the bin), an expensive exercise YES, but it was liberating, I felt FREE and IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE.

I wasn’t weighed down by the crap that made me feel CRAP anymore!

The next step was to walk out the front door and start walking…10 mins, turned into 20 mins then I saw every netball training session’s my daughters attended was an opportunity to WALK MORE!! I started walking my son to day care, I took the kids to the park more to walk more…I became addicted to the feeling of feeling ALIVE! and


There was nothing fancy about my routine for the first 12 months…

Eat, Walk, Sleep REPEAT! 10kg down and I was my own Cheer squad!


Sounds easy right? Well it is just that easy.

Sure I dealt with my fair share of headaches from sugar withdrawals and there were days when it was raining and I thought about not walking…but I surrounded myself with the right people, the ones that lifted me up….I made my haters my MOTIVATORS… I added in weight training and before I knew it I was 25kg down and feeling POSITIVE, ENERGETIC and UNSTOPPABLE!


At the end of the day we can make things complicated or we can simplify them….(you also have to have the guts sometimes to walk away from situations or friendships that may be toxic and weighing you down)

One more thing before I go….

**stick to one way of eating for a few weeks before you dismiss it as not working, don’t mix 2 or 3 ways of eating (no sugar, paleo, no carbs etc)

***Same goes with exercise, stick with one trainer or one gym, over complicating with too many people’s opinions or ways of doing things can actually put you off track!


Hope you are all feeling motivated to START!!!

Let me know where you are at with your Health and Fitness 🙂


M xx