Eating Out when on a DIET!

Eating out is something that is done socially, for convenience and for pleasure, but what do you do when you are on a diet and have to eat out?

One way that can help you make the right choices when eating out is to plan ahead. If you know you are going to a particular cafe or restaurant, get a copy of the menu and decide what you are going to have in advance. This is a good way to resist temptation and make a bad food choice.

Following are some tips for eating out at specific types of restaurants:


  • Broth Based Soup
  • Go light on dishes with coconut milk
  • Choose dishes that have been stir fried, grilled or steamed
  • Go for steamed rice not fried rice


  • Dine on pasta rather than pizza, pizza dough id dense in calories
  • Pasta choices to go with are Linguine, Puttanesca, Arrabiata or Marinara (tomato based sauces)
  • Avoid cream based sauces (I know,the yummy ones) Alfredo and Primavera are the worst
  • You can also decrease the calories by ordering entree size dishes and a side of salad or vegies
  • Skip the garlic bread and opt for a dish of Olive oil and plain bread to dip in.


  • Skip the appetizers as most are fried
  • Order dishes with vegies, beans or peas
  • Chicken Masala, Shimp Bhuna, Fish Vindaloo and Tandoori (baked)
  • Avoid dishes made with coconut milk


  • Avoid fried appetizers try steamed dumplings
  • Start with a soup like wonton or chicken and corn
  • Choose steamed rice and avoid fried noodles
  • Order some steaned vegies as a side
  • Avoid item described as crispy golen brown or sweet and sour as they are usually fried


  • Clear soup is good to start with
  • Sushi, sashimi, California rolls, nori rolls are a good choice
  • Braised or grilled beef, chicken or fish, chicken teriyaki
  • Stir fries, steamed or pickled vegies
  • Tofu dishes and steamed rice
  • Avoid fried tofu, chicken, shrimp, fish or vegetable tempura


  • Choose dips like hummus and tzatziki avoid eggplant and taramosalata
  • Choose cabbage rolls, stuffed vine leaves and lean spit roaste meats
  • Stay away from fried cheese and fish, moussaka, baklava and other pastries which are calories loaded.


This is a tricky one. All cafes sell different types of food ranging from gourmet sandwiches, to pasta dishes, meat and vegeatble dishes.

My suggestion would be is to follow the rules of all other take aways.

  • Don’t order cream based pasta dishes
  • Ask for the dressing on the side
  • Avoid butter, mayo and any other fatty condiments on your sandwich
  • Stick to grainy bread
  • Skip the fries and for more salad or vegies
  • Stay away from anything fried.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL of what you are eating, so before you order STOP, THINK  and RE THINK your choices and ask yourself will my tummy, hips and thighs thank me tomorrow? If the answer is YES  then you are on your way to making the right choices and are in control when you EAT OUT!