Help! I juggle and I want to lose weight!

Mmmmm let me think……. I want to give you a fabulous reason to join Health Me and a promise that you will walk away after doing a Health Me Group session, Personal Training session or Food Coaching session looking fit, toned and a size 10…..but…..that would be a load of crap!!!!!! Because nobody can make that promise to you, only YOU can! And who wants to be a perfect size 10 anyway????? Not me!

Health Me is a realistic approach to Health and fitness. I am not going to stand on my pedestal and say to you, you must never drink alcohol, eat chocolate or have dessert again! You must get up at 5.30am and go for a walk/run. Because some days you are just too damn tired to give a hoot about diet and exercise.

Life is about balance, there goes that fabulous word again BALANCE! If you have kids, a partner or a full time job, maybe all three, it’s called juggling! You have to find time for it all. Now I know Michelle Bridges, Gillian Michaels, and all those other fabulous trainers from the Biggest Loser shows look awesome and can show you how to look awesome too. BUT, do they have kids, a 9 to 5 job, house work, a family? Do they have to clean up vomit in the middle of a sleepless night because little Ruby has a virus? Do they have to pack 5 lunch bags, 1 footy bag and 2 dancing bag, put on a load of washing, pick a fabulous outfit to try and keep up with the 20 somethings at work, print an assignment that was left to the last minute and bake 30 cupcakes for the cake stall at their son’s school before they leave for work in the mornings……

Do they get home from work absolutely buggered to find the washing basket over flowing AGAIN, the bathtub with a lovely brown ring around it and 10 pairs of shoes scattered through the house because it would seem nobody knows where they belong! Do they look at the saggy skin on their bellies after having 3 kids and think will it ever go away? (No offence intended to the Biggest Loser trainers)

I for one totally understand the struggles of people who have to juggle! The first ball that gets dropped is that of their own needs. Especially diet and exercise.  I always say to my clients you can have whatever you want as long as it is portion controlled. I like to give my clients realistic solutions to their food and fitness problems. I walk in the  majority of my clients shoes daily (not literally) and I know that some days you just do not have it in you to go for that walk, but I can teach them to take the next step to plan when you will take that walk. I know that falling off the wagon is part of the adjusting to a few habit changes in aid of a healthier lifestyle but I want to teach them how to get back on and not let one slip up turn into a week full of slip ups, pick yourself up dust yourself off and continue, don’t punish yourself for something that has happened and cannot be undone. MOVE ON!

Weight loss is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle if you are overweight. Diets are a forced way to lose weight and don’t often keep the weight off for very long.

Health Me can help you live a healthier life and lose a little weight in the process.

Health Me is realistic and caters for REAL People with REAL lives.

Would love to hear your comments…..