How’s the New Year’s Resolution going?

newyear-resolutions-400x400So you started out the year all PUMPED Up  ready to smash those health and fitness goals…..

How’s that going for you? I hope well 🙂

If not….WHY?
Did we get too busy? Did we forget to make time? Did we just give up? Did we prioritise others things?
We are now in July and I know the cold has a lot do with why people lose their motivation, but I also know when you put your mind to something YOU CAN DO IT! 
Maybe you don’t want it bad enough yet…. but my advice is:
Don’t wait till the joints start aching
Don’t wait till those colds and flu’s linger for longer
Don’t wait for the news your cholesterol is too high or you have diabetes
Do it now to prevent all these things….Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure…
I am not talking about making BIG changes all at once, start small…
Drink more water
Eat less processed food
Set yourself a goal of exercising 3 days a week
I know many people start out saying,
“That’s it No more junk, I’m going to drink 2Litres of water a day, I’m going to exercise EVERYDAY…..”
Really….is this something someone who has a job, kids and lived a certain way for 30 odd years is going to stick to straight away….
In my experience, No, those who made small changes over a longer period of time stuck to the healthy lifestyle for good, and their health is in the best shape ever. 
Not everybody has to train like an athelete, for some just getting out into the fresh air and walking regularly getting their heart rate up is enough. For others going to the gym or joining an outdoor fitness class might be for them. Everyone is different. 
Find what works for you and find it now,
because you don’t want to have to wait till you are forced to get healthy and fit because of health issues..
Make a promise to yourself and your family you will start making small changes today…
If you dont know where to start contact me and maybe we make some changes together.