Is your Coffee Habit making you Fat.

Pants feeling a little tight?morning_coffee

Your coffee habit could be the culprit ūüôĀ

We have turned our coffee drinking into a theme park extravaganza, with opting for supersized, sweetened with caramel or extra cream and chocolate shavings on top…and having a donut, cookie, bagel or biscuit with it!! That could add up to an extra 600 calories or MORE in one sitting!

As with food, portion size of your coffee is the key to damage control, weaning yourself off full fat milk is a good idea too. Go sugar free,  sugary syrups also contain a lot of calories.

If you really want your fancy pants coffee, and that’s ok, because life is meant to be tasty, ¬†make it a once a week treat not a daily habit… or might find yourself jumping a jean size over Winter.

Yoghurt is another one that might be a culprit.

Cruising down the dairy aisle, there are so many varieties of yogurt that it would probably take you a year to try all the different kinds. Greek-style, low-fat, light, whipped, creamy, and yoghurt drinks

Yoghurts with “fruit on the bottom” may seem healthier since you see the whole fruit, but in reality, they are packed with sugar. Like passion fruit for example, it‚Äôs not real passionfruit direct from the fruit and this could add up to 100 calories to a serving. Instead, choose yoghurts¬†that are¬†already mixed, and find the low sugar varieties.

Choose Greek yoghurts theyare higher in protein, keeping you feeling fuller longer. As with regular yoghurt, choose non-fat or sugar varieties, and choose Greek yoghurt that is already mixed to avoid the excess sugar. Your best option is to buy plain yoghurt and add your own fresh fruit.