Know when to put up the ‘Reserved’ sign..

Its time to stop being a slave to your house, family, job ….your life??

What does this mean?

It means stop making the things you really don’t like doing (but have to do), a priority.

Why is it more important to mop the floor than it is to enjoy 15mins in the sun with a cup of coffee…

Why is it more important for your partner to have down time than its is for you…


Have we spoilt our families, friends and co workers by making them a priority?


It is not selfish to think about yourself first.

It is not selfish to want to do something for YOU.

In actual fact it makes you a better mum, wife, friend and team member when you have had a little time to do the things you enjoy doing.

There has to be a small window in your day that can be reserved just for you. Some time when you can put up the ‘reserved’ sign…

Im not talking hours, and I’m not saying you have to spend that time doing something ah-mazing….

It just has to be time where you feel like you are really enjoying being YOU or doing something just for you!

So if you like knitting get out the needles,

if you like reading start that book,

if you like walking step out the front door

if you like sleeping take that nap!


Stop being a slave (or martyr) to everything and everyone around you and start carving out some space in your day JUST FOR YOU!

YES you deserve it and NO it not selfish.

M xx