Lose 11kg by Xmas….

scalesDid you make a promise to yourself that 2012 was going to be the year you lost that 5 or 10kg, the year you were going to get fit, the year you were going to fit into those hipster jeans, the year you were going to get back your me time?
How is it going for you?
Have you started working on some of those goals or have you given up already because its now Feb and what’s the use????? Are you thinking to yourself, ‘I’ve already let January pass without changing, whats the point!’
You have 11 months left of the year, there is still plenty of time to get started on your 2012 goals. Don’t let your own negative thoughts defeat you before you even begin! Sometimes we really are our worst enemies…
The plan is to start with changing one habit a week. First week switch from soft to water, or go for a walk every second day and do some stretching on the days in between. The changes need not be big, BUT they must be achievable and you must stick to them.
Through consistency and NO EXCUSES you may just lose a kilo or two. Even if you only lose 1kg a month, that is 11kg by Xmas!!!! Wouldn’t that be nice!
Don’t give up before you begin……..
Maree xx