Mix Things Up….

Boredom can be a big reason why people lose their motivation to train….

Let’s face it: doing 3 sets of 10 can only progress you so far.

We are creatures of habit, but always doing the same thing when it comes to training (same reps/sets, grip, exercise order, etc.) can kill your motivation and progress.

Consistency on a program that works with slight variations from week to week is what you need. Instead of the common 3 sets of 10, known as straight sets, try doing a varied-set/rep scheme.

The concept behind varied set/rep training is to hit the muscle(s) with varying intensities to stimulate more muscle fibers in order to stimulate more growth.

I have been using Pyramid Rep Scheme, reps can look like this: 12, 10, 8, 10, 12. I have noticed my strength has increased and so has my motivation!

Another great way to break up the boredom is to use different equipment..eg. Instead of doing chest press on a bench with a Barbell, try doing it with dumbbells. Try Squatting with a weight plate, do you abs on a bosu ball…..

Its time to mix things up and get your ass back into training!!!

You create your own MOTIVATION!

Maree X