My Secret Little Tip.

After a big weekend of eating (Easter) some of us may be finding it hard to get back on track…

Some of us may be finding it hard to resist the leftover chocolate….

But sometimes we can be a little  hard on ourselves, you may not have been as bad as you think.

Usually if you have eaten a lot of chocolate or sugary foods you are less likely to feel like eating other foods….But you get overridden with a huge amount of guilt and either


(a) eat more or

(b) stop eating all together!!


This is not a good way to react and we should not feel guilty about eating certain foods….

If this is the case, and this happened to you over the weekend let me fill you in on my secret little tip…..

‘Tracking” Track the food you ate on your ‘bad day’ of eating (I use My Fitness Pal App) and it will give you the total calories consumed plus the break down of carbs, sugars, protein, fats etc…

This will give you a better idea of what you actually consumed…it may not be as bad as you think and eleviate any guilt or thoughts of going on a crazy crash diet!

For me it was mainly the sugar and fat that went over my daily limit but my calories were under…Im not saying this is good or bad, we are human and I wanted it, so I had it guilt free!


So if you are having a bad eating day (or you think you are) ‘Track It’ and know what you have actually consumed.


Hope this helps

M xx