NEW Year, OLD You (with a few minor improvements)


New Year, Old You (with a few minor improvements)
There is nothing wrong with the old you…make peace with that right now!
Sure you could eat healthier and move a little more, but the old you CAN do that.
When you learn to love the REAL you, it does become easier to make small changes that can make a BIG difference.   When your sights are too ambitious or big, they can backfire, burn you out, and actually become demotivating, set goals that are a stretch, but not out of reach.
Find family and friends who will offer REAL support and encouragement and tell them about the new little changes you are going to make…You never know you may inspire them to do the same.
At the end of the day  don’t get caught up in thinking you HAVE to become a NEW person to become healthier and fitter, its just a ploy to get you to join their gym, buy their products and make them money! By all means if you want to join their gym, go for it….but if you know deep down this is not for you, don’t do it! 
The ‘old you’ is  capable of throwing together healthy meals and snacks and fitting in a walk or more ……
I have faith you 😉
M xx