Seasonal Exercisers….

Seasonal exerciseAre you a Seasonal exerciser? Do you only exercise when the weather is warm?

Me, I personally don’t understand it. ”Do you only brush your teeth when the sun is shining?” Or “Do you only clean your house when it hot, not windy????”

Exercise should be part of not only a weekly routine, but a daily routine, just as you would clean your house, do your washing and brush your teeth.

Now I am not saying to go out on a daily basis and train like an athlete in the pouring rain. But what I am saying is to not give up on your goal of living a healthy lifestyle because the weather is crap! There are many other options, like do a 20 – 30 minute session on a exercise bike or treadmill whilst watching a program you watch daily on t.v. Or getting together with a neighbour or friend every second night to walk around your local area.

Its not physically hard, its mentally hard for some. Once you break through that psychological barrier and make exercise part of your daily life (even if it is 3 x 10 min blocks) you will realise its not that hard and the weather really plays no role in it.

So think hard, are you a seasonal exerciser?