Stop with the ‘Fitness lingo’…please….

Is it just me or does it irritate you when people start talking in ‘fitness lingo’ as I like to call it….

E.g ‘I am just eating my post workout snack’ ….really it looks like a regular snack to me!

‘I can feel the lactic acid build up’ …most dont even know what lactic acid is.

‘I have DOMS’  so your muscles are sore from the workout you did 2 days ago!

Not to mention the explosion of the use of the words, chia seeds, kale, paleo, high protein, plant based, raw food, no sugar..blah blah blah

I myself work in the fitness industry and still don’t use all the lingo…

I think it is awesome that people are making positive fitness and lifestyle changes to enable them to live a longer, healthier life……

but for goodness sake, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!



The bottom line is if you want to make changes, and improve your health you are doing it for YOU, nobody cares how informed you are on the latest protein or fad diet unless you are their nutritionist or personal trainer!

Sorry if  I offended anyone….but sometimes you just have enough!


Maree 🙂