The Best Exercises for Calorie Burning?

burn-caloriesLast week I put my lovely boot camp ladies through a pretty tough boot camp session, there was lots of whinging and complaining, however at this weeks weigh in we saw some great losses in both kg’s and in cm’s, so it was worth it.

It was the skipping (with a rope) and the jogging which was the problem! So what I did was I researched what exercise burns how many calories just to give them an idea of why these types of exercises are important in their quest to lose some weight.


An average 70kg woman will burn per/hr:

1056 cal – running up and down stairs

704 cal – skipping

633 cal – boxing

563 cal – tennis

503 cal – jogging

Compared to:

317 cal – dancing

281 cal – walking/running & playing with children

246 cal – cleaning the house.

Interesting don’t you think?

Given that their main goal is to lose weight I plan my sessions around this and incorporate exercises which will give them the maximum amount of calories burn’t in the hour they are training. So this does include running and skipping. 🙂

The results of this weeks weigh in speak for themselves and I am hoping that with the understanding of how many calories can be burnt doing particular exercises, there will be no more complaining or whining.

Maree xx