Thighs and other body parts…

If you hate it WORK on it!

I have a theory when it comes to your body…the parts you hate the most are the parts you should work on the most…here is an example.

For a long time I hated my thighs, they (to me) were chunky, wobbly and had cellulite. So what I use to do was avoid giving them any attention. I would exercise my upper body and my stomach because they were the places I had ‘çontrol’ over and could see instant results…

After a while I was back at square one hating my body again, but this time it was because my upper body looked much better than my lower body 🙁

I felt out of proportion, like I was living in two bodies and my self esteem took a beating….again!

So after many months of feeling like this I ended the pity party and decided I was going to work on those mother effing thighs every single DAY!

So I did. I promised myself I would do 100 step ups off our weights bench every night during my weights session…I walked more, I squatted more, I did more leg extensions, I RAN MORE!!!!

Me who hated running wasn’t going to let that get in my way!

It was a long tough Winter, but after 3 solid months I started to see a smaller shape, muscle and a little less cellulite and I actually began wearing tights…

That was 7 years ago, today I wear tights everyday (I own over 20 pairs)

I don’t need to do 100 step ups a day, but I do work on them regularly….

I have learned to like my thighs (not love, that is going a bit far hahahahaha) they are strong, they support my body and they are in proportion with my upper body now…

I am proud because it was a project I worked on and it was a successful outcome.

So my advice to you is this…


Maree xx


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