Weight Loss is HARD!

Trynumber-5ing to shed a lot of kilos all at once frustrating you?

Losing motivation to continue?

Starting to doubt your ability to achieve your goal?

Maybe you need to break it down to a smaller goal… like 5 kgs at a time.

Maybe you only have 5 kg to lose, this being the case, it could be a longer process. The less you have to lose the harder it is…look at fine tuning things in your new healthy lifestyle…. just DONT GIVE UP.

Do it the right way, it can be tempting to skip meals or start pills or shakes, but these are only temporary solutions.

Here are some basic rules to follow when weightloss and a healthy lifestyle are your goal….

Rule #1: Eat! Taking in fewer calories will promote weight loss, but cutting back too much can bring your metabolism to a screeching halt. Slow and steady is best.

Rule #2: Move Regular physical activity keeps your viagrageneriquefr24.com metabolism working at a higher rate. Increasing your lean body mass also means you’ll burn calories more efficiently.

Rule #3: Unplug Research supports that eating meals while distracted by the computer, phone or TV can lead to overeating. Take a break! Enjoy food with nothing but family conversation or some peace and quiet.

Rule #4: Hydrate Lack of fluids can lead to dehydration and fatigue. Stick to primarily calorie-free drinks to help with weight loss.

Rule #5: Get Some ZZZZZZ’s Sleep deprivation can trigger increased activity of the hormones that promote eating. To make matters worse, it’s harder to make healthy choices when you’re tired.. Avoid late-night munchies (those calories add up fast) by closing the kitchen and hitting the pillow.

Keep Going you are doing great!