Weight loss, not always about food…..

goalsI was chatting with my Food Coaching client last week about her feeling unmotivated and uninspired by food and the whole watch what you eat thing in order to lose weight.  I soon realised the problem was not with her food, it was with other aspects of her life, and I had changed the one thing she felt inspired by, BAD FOOD!

So we chatted more and I discovered her weight was not the only thing she was dissatisfied with in her life, she felt as though she was just ‘existing ’not living. She didn’t really enjoy her job anymore and wanted to either change career paths  or progress in her urrent field, her finances were weighing her down a little and she had not been on a decent holiday since…….. well what seemed like forever!

So we began setting some goals, short term ones for something other than her weight!

We set financial goals, career goals, travel goals, relationship goals and lifestyle goals. Looking at it all on paper sparked something inside of her. Her tone of voice changed from sombre to slightly high pitched and excited, her body language was more relaxed and she was more chatty than I’d ever seen her. It was quite satisfying to see her mood change.

Wow! I think what was needed was ‘something’ to look forward to; the thought of a short trip to Byron Bay would make anyone motivated.

Setting goals guides us in the right direction and it gives us something to look forward to, like a bride planning a wedding, half the excitement is in the lead up and the planning.  You need to put it down on paper so you can see it!

Feeling a little more inspired my client looked at me and said I really feel like going and doing my grocery shopping now and making a real go of this weight loss thing!

As soon as we took the focus off her weight and focused on her making better decisions in all other areas of her life it all seemed much easier to take on the weight loss battle.

Leaving my office that day was a woman who had a new goal in life and it wasn’t just to lose weight, it was to take back control of her life and not just exist, but LIVE!

If you are struggling with losing weight, getting fit or just feeling plain old unmotivated about it, take a good look at other areas of your life, they may need to be finetuned.