Winter Training – My Top 3 Tips to keep you Moving!

☆ Here are my Top 3 Tips to help you form habits that will ease the struggle ☆


1. Lay Out Your Workout Clothes …
While setting your clothes out might not seem like it will help much, taking away any small barrier between you and your workout can actually make a big difference.

2. Make Plans to Work Out With a Friend
Accountability is a strong influencer. If you’ve made plans to work out with a friend you will be much more likely to wake up in the morning or make it after work and be motivated to stick with your training plan.

3. Listen to energising music.
To put yourself in the mood to exercise set your alarm to ring with your favorite song in the morning or bust out the tunes after work on your commute home. This can really set the tone for a good session.

Do not let Winter stop you. It’s only here for a few months.
It will be cold. You will doubt, struggle, suffer and grind. But above all, you will succeed. You will overcome yet another obstacle. Remember that feeling of finishing your workout.

Now go put your clothes out!

M xx