YES its COLD!!!

YES its COLD!!!-1

Do you still go shopping when its cold…YES

Do you go to work when its cold…YES

Do your kids still go to school when its cold….YES

Do your kids still go football or netball training when its cold …YES

Do you still go out to dinner or movies when its cold….YES

So why does your exercise not get the same attention and dedication as these other activities when its going to benefit your health….

Think about it ……COLD is not a reason…its an excuse.

I know that there is so much on your plate right now, but will that change?

I know that some days you feel like you are in survival mode.

I know that fitness is probably the last thing on your to-do list. However, I also want you to feel great about yourself- inside and outside.

I want you to get the full benefit of consistent exercise.

You can do it!