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  Put your Fitness First with a Personal Trainer


Healthy Exercise and Weight Loss

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It’s my job as a Personal Trainer to show you how to put your Fitness First with a Healthy Exercise routine based on your current Fitness level. Weight Loss is a Timetable direct result from increased fitness and a healthy diet. Physical fitness is essential for a well-balanced and happy life. Improved muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, self confidence and mental clarity are some of the many benefits of being physically active. It is not just the worldly things that you need to measure your success, it is your own physical and mental wellbeing that will help you succeed in life, achieve your goals and reach happiness.

Group Fitness Coaching

Health Me offers a variety of packs for group fitness sessions. We want you to start moving, start burning calories and start enjoying exercise using outdoor facilities to create a fitter you. At Health Me you will get professional group fitness training outdoors and indoors, at home fitness program, support and motivation and you will notice increased fitness, strength and flexibility.

Timetable 19

*What is HIIT LIFT? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at Health Me Is a weights based session that is 30 mins in duration. It consists of a warm up, a circuit and a stretch. The same session is run for 5 weeks so members can see the increase in strength, endurance and fitness. The 6th week is off. This is a fast paced class designed to torch calories suitable for all fitness levels and is a ‘add on’ to your regular package. See packages for details.  
What is SHIFT?  Saturday High Intensity Interval Fitness Training is designed to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Scores are recorded and each week over 3 weeks and  your aim is to beat it. 
DUMBBELL BLAST  - this session has a limit of 6 people booking is required.

First 6 Week Challenge of 2019 begins on Monday January 21st 2019


 6 Week Challenge Packages and Prices


3 days/week Choose from Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday sessions

$240 for 6 weeks

PACKAGE (2)2 days/week Choose from Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday sessions

$170 for 6 weeks
PACKAGE (3)3 days/week + HIIT*
(Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Sat)

$300 for 6 weeks
PACKAGE (4)2 days/week + HIIT*
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Sat)

$230 for 6 weeks
CASUAL (PAYG) $15/session - Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday sessions

HIIT ONLY (TUES)$90 for 5 weeks or $20/session casual if spots available**

Personal Training

We offer one on one Personal Training that can be done for your convenience at your home in the areas we service or at Bennett Park, Karne St Narwee/Roselands.

Prices for Personal Training

4 x ½ Hour PT sessions$160
8 x ½ Hour PT sessions$300
12 x ½ Hour PT sessions $430

Health Me provides Personal Training in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. If you would like to know if we service your area feel free to give us a call. Call Maree on 0457 729 203 to discuss your training options or use our handy contact form.