A Healthier Version of YOU!

Creating A Healthier YouDo you wonder why we start these weightloss¬†programs only to get a few weeks in and then fall back into bad habits. It’s because we all think if we eat less we will lose weight, while this is true, how long can you go on a no carb, minimal calorie diet and function effectively in your job and everyday living. Well you can’t!!!! People who don’t eat enough are always moody, tired and often have bad breath.

So what’s the solution? For me I think¬†being able to eat the things you love should be part of a healthy diet, and yes that includes chocolate. However the quality and quantity is the key. Have a a small piece of good quality dark chocolate and enjoy it, don’t make it a daily event make it a weekly reward. Avoid processed foods and enjoy fresh foods from all the 5 food groups. Keep your body topped up with food every 3 hours to avoid a slump in blood sugar levels.

We need to look a our bodies like a car, petrol is fuel for the car that keeps it going, just as food is our bodies petrol to keep it going. Without petrol a car is sluggish and slow just as our bodies are without good healthy food!

Eat well and exercise regularly and the rest will come. Who said being skinny was healthy….not me!

Start living your life and just be a HEALTHIER version of YOU!