Avoid Easter Weight Gain

I was just mapping out some goals so I get through the Easter weekend without a huge weight gain.  1. Exercise daily - even if it's just a 20 min walk 2. Chocolate- ok it’s my favourite so I’m going to have to be realistic....... no mindless eating. I will allow myself to have what I can work into my daily eating plan, maybe a few little dark chocolate ones. 3. Keep tracking my food consumption. Sunday is the hard day someone else is cooking so I will just have to make the best choices on the … [Read more...]

What to Eat Before and After Exercise

To get the best results from your workout, it’s important that you’re eating the right things before and after you exercise. Proper nutrition is essential to improving your endurance and preventing injury, keeping your body in the best condition to reach peak performance levels. Make the most out of your workouts and see results faster. Before exercise Make sure you’ve eaten a nutritious meal about an hour before you exercise to keep you going strong throughout your workout. Eat foods rich in … [Read more...]

What to do when you OVEREAT..


It happens to all of us, especially over holiday periods. Even if we had the best intentions to keep our portion sizes as normal or our alcohol consumption to one glass we all give in to temptation from time to time. Weather it’s having second helpings of Nan’s sherry loaded trifle or one too many glasses of Uncle John’s expensive champagne it’s not something that you can’t recover from. Look at it like this, you have had your day ofindulgence, now get over it!!! Don’t wallow in your guilt, … [Read more...]

Too busy to Eat or Drink….

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There are 5 simple functions we are too busy to do right..... Does hurrying through breakfast, before dashing off to work, then doing 10 things at once before popping in and out of meetings or talking with clients sound familiar to you? Whether it's work, looking after the kids, racing to get somewhere or rushing to do something, we all get caught up in everyday life. So it's not surprising that we often forget to do the simple things, such as drinking enough water or simply stopping to take a … [Read more...]

What does a Personal Trainer look like?

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I had an interesting conversation recently with a woman who is a Personal Trainer ... We were chatting about different aspects of our job, what we liked  what we didn't, where we worked etc. A little while into the conversation she went on to comment that she would never have picked me as a Personal Trainer, as I did not look like one.... At first I did not know whether to be offended or not. But then I asked the question, "What does a Personal Trainer look like?" I was curious. "Oh", she … [Read more...]

These last 2 Kilos are killing me!!!

I'm currently at the point that when I look at  myself in the mirror I think, "Ok, not bad." But when I step on the scales I don't like the number it gives me!!!! I want to be 2 kilos lighter, is that too much to ask? Obviously Yes!!! Why are we so obsessed with the number? Does it make us a better person if we are a certain number on the scales. NO! So why? For me it was easier to lose 10kg than it is the last 2kg. So where to now? I have decided to stop weighing myself so regularly … [Read more...]

NO More Excuses…..

no excuses

As a Personal Trainer and a Food Coach I think I have heard alot of excuses, however what people dont realise is that they are only stopping themselves from achieving great things by putting excuses in the way! This doesn't only apply to food, exercise and weightloss, it applies to all aspects of  life. We should practice what we preach, how many of us have told family and friends, "C'mon, you can do it" "Put your mind to it and you can achieve anything". We all have, but why does this not … [Read more...]

Childhood Obesity

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As I sit here on the eve of my first children's School Holiday Bootcamp, I am now realising why we have an obesity problem in children.....it's the parents/carers that are making our children overweight. The carers of these children are the ones making the decisions on what children eat and how much they exercise. I know this may  fuel some fury, however its not the children that do the groceries and fill up the trolley with high fat/sugar foods, the children are not the ones packing their … [Read more...]

A Healthier Version of YOU!

Creating A Healthier You

Do you wonder why we start these weightloss programs only to get a few weeks in and then fall back into bad habits. It's because we all think if we eat less we will lose weight, while this is true, how long can you go on a no carb, minimal calorie diet and function effectively in your job and everyday living. Well you can't!!!! People who don't eat enough are always moody, tired and often have bad breath. So what's the solution? For me I think being able to eat the things you love should be … [Read more...]