NO More Excuses…..

no excusesAs a Personal Trainer and a Food Coach I think I have heard alot of excuses, however what people dont realise is that they are only stopping themselves from achieving great things by putting excuses in the way! This doesn’t only apply to food, exercise and weightloss, it applies to all aspects of  life.

We should practice what we preach, how many of us have told family and friends, “C’mon, you can do it” “Put your mind to it and you can achieve anything”. We all have, but why does this not apply to us? Are we scared we may fail or are we just plain lazy and happy to stay in our comfort zone for the next 30 years.

My house and life is a NO EXCUSES ZONE and I believe we are attempting things in life we normally wouldn’t. Make your life a NO EXCUSES ZONE and start achieving great things!  🙂