These last 2 Kilos are killing me!!!

2kgI’m currently at the point that when I look at  myself in the mirror I think, “Ok, not bad.” But when I step on the scales I don’t like the number it gives me!!!! I want to be 2 kilos lighter, is that too much to ask? Obviously Yes!!!

Why are we so obsessed with the number? Does it make us a better person if we are a certain number on the scales. NO! So why?

For me it was easier to lose 10kg than it is the last 2kg.

So where to now?

I have decided to stop weighing myself so regularly (twice a day) and started to keep a food diary just to check in and see if I  am overeating at any time of the day.

I have joined my lovely group fitness team members in the 6 Week Challenge which started this week , and set myself some goals which are not weight related (trying to take the focus off the number)

I will keep you posted on my progress in the next 6 Weeks and see if I can lose the last 2kg that are currently killing my life or if I just get over it!

Feel free to let me know things you have done to lose those last few kg.

Maree xx