You Gotta Have Goals!


You Gotta Have Goals

Have you ever decided to get fit? But then you found you really couldn’t be bothered? This often happens when you don’t set a specific goal. Without a reason to exercise, most people struggle to get  started.

Just having something to aim for, you increase your commitment and your desire to achieve something. You’re more likely to get results that way. And you’re more likely to make the sacrifices to achieve your goal


The four Ps

When you set a fitness goal, keep the ‘four Ps’ in mind.

1. Personal
Make sure your goal is personal — one you’ve chosen for yourself. You might get some input from a personal trainer or a family member but ultimately it needs to be something you feel emotionally attached to.

2. Present tense
It helps to write your goals down, and pin them up on your fridge or wardrobe. A good idea is writing in the present tense, to make it feel realistic and attainable. For example: “I feel so proud of natural viagra myself as I’m crossing the finish line of the City to Surf fun run, in a time of  __________.”

3. Pinpoint a date

You’re more likely to achieve a goal if you have a specific date in mind that you’re working towards.  It puts on a bit more pressure.

4. Pay day
How will you reward yourself once you’ve achieved your goal? You might go shopping for new clothes once you hit your goal weight. Or maybe you’ll have a weekend away after completing your triathlon. Keep that reward in mind right from the start. It’ll give you another reason to stay motivated.

Break it down


It can be overwhelming if your goal feels a long way off. So you might need to break it down into daily, weekly and monthly goals. Let’s take someone who’s wanting to lose 25 kilos over the course of a year. If you break that down into half a kilo a week, or less than 100 grams a day, then it doesn’t seem as unrealistic.

Now, what are you working towards?